Dental Insurance Alternative


Did you know that it is estimated that over 80% of Americans do not have dental insurance. In fact, some estimates have that number approaching 95%! It is a sad fact that very few have dental insurance or coverage any more. It is simply too costly for employers to provide.

Is  it any wonder why so many people have so many problems with their teeth? Our society does not put a very strong emphasis on the benefits of good oral hygiene.

If you asked most folks how often they have their teeth cleaned, the answers would surprise you. I, in fact, always ask people this question. The answers I receive are all very similar. Either, they say never or once in a while. When I ask why they do not go for a cleaning once every six months the answer is always the same…… I don’t have dental insurance!

The good news is that there is an alternative to expensive dental insurance. It is called Ameriplan. Click here to watch a clip from Good Morning America about this Ameriplan.

Not unlike a Sam’s Club, dental discount plans like Ameriplan offer huge savings to members on both routine and not so routine  dental procedures. In many cases members will save up to 80% on cleanings and regular check ups. even more complicated procedures like bridges, crowns, and dentures carry huge discounts. In fact, all dental procedures are discounted with Ameriplan.

One of my clients was quoted $6000 to have braces put on her son. With her Ameriplan coverage she saved over $3500! This is not uncommon. We see it all the time.

Selling and finding prospects for Ameriplan is the easiest sales I have ever done. I simply ask every person I meet who their dental plan is with. It is kind of a loaded question because I already know the answer most of the time! They don’t have any!

My next line is also very simple….Would you like to have a quality dental plan for you and your family if it was affordable? What do you think the answer always is?

Well a family plan is $19.95 a month and single coverage is just $14.95 per month. It is at this point that I am writing them up. It really is that simple.

If you are reading this and do not have a quality dental plan for yourself and your family please click here and read all about our company and our plans. You really cannot afford to not have this coverage for your family.

Ameriplan also has health discount plans for people that cannot afford health insurance. Our family plan is just $49.95 per month and includes the aforementioned dental coverage. If you have any questions about the different plans or coverages you may feel free to call me at my office. All of my contact information is listed below.

Finally, if you are an insurance salesperson or B2B salesperson with experience calling on small businesses we have sales positions available throughout the United States. These are very lucrative positions with unlimited income potential. In the last few years our membership has grown to close to 2,000,000. It will continue to grow with the every rising costs to health insurance.

If you have an interest please contact me to discuss the position.













P3 Trading Method is Here!


As promised, I am  now going to give you all the rules to the exact trading method I use. You can use this to trade anything you desire. You can trade stocks, commodities, stock indexes, futures and anything else that has a chart.

I have traded many things over the years. I really enjoy trading stock index futures and very recently,  I have begun to trade certain forex pairs as well. It is not my plan to tell you what you should trade here. It is my sole purpose to give you the trading rules to trade anything you desire. This method has always worked well. It gives great signals and I believe it is the only thing you really need to trade successfully.

I am going to call this the Power of 3 or P3 Trading Method. In fact, I just made that name up last week. I hope you like it!

I call it that because everything I do is in 3′s. Three time frames, 3 moving averages, etc.

The first thing you need to chosse is what you are going to trade. Again, it doesn’t really matter but it would help if you had some sort of interest in what you are trading, right?

The next thing you must decide is the time frame you want to trade. Do you want to trade the 3 minute, the 5 minute, the 10 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour, 8 hour, 1 day, weekly, or monthly?

Notice I did not include a 1 minute chart. This next rule will explain why.

You must have at least 1 greater time frame (more are better) and 1 lower time frame. Hence you need 3 time frames minimum. The time frame you will trade, at least 1 higher and just one lower.

Next you will put 3 SMA (simple moving averages) on your charts. The ones you will use are the 10,21,and 50 SMA. First, 3 time frames and now 3 moving averages.

One more thing. You can trade with either bar charts or candlestick charts. I actually use both depending on my mood.

You now are ready to start learning to trade! Yeah!!


1) You only look for trades that are going the direction the 50 SMA is pointed. It is important you understand this. It does not matter if price is above the 50 or below the 50. The only thing that matters is the direction the 50 is headed. Pointed up-look for long trades. Pointed down-look for short trades. Flat-no trades until direction is given. Got it?

2) Price must be retracing before you can start looking for an entry. It must retace for a minimum of one full bar or candle.  Waiting for the proper entry point is very important.

3) The preliminary signal is when the high of the previous bar or candle is taken out for long trades. For short trades the low of the previous bar or candle must be taken out.

4) Once you get a preliminary signal you must check the higher time frame. The 50 SMA on the higher time frame must be pointing in the same direction as your signal or no trade! If you get confirmation here you have a legitimate signal but you need to do one more thing before you take the trade. That is Rule 5.

5) Here we check the lower time frame. On this time frame all we care about is that the 10 SMA is above the 21 SMA for long trades and the 10 SMA is below the 21 SMA for short trades.

There you have it! This is the only trading method you will ever need. I suggest you play around with it for a while. There are many free charting services you can use to practice. For stocks you can use Yahoo finance charts. Forex brokers give free demo accounts to everybody.

One thing that you should study is money management. This is what will make or break you once you have a proven trading method like this one. The reason I am successful at trading is not just the method I trade, although very important. Money management is just as important.

How to exit and take down profits is all part of trade and money management.

Once you learn this method and know how to find the signals I will be offering one on one training for trade and money management. One person at a time, one day at a time. I will charge a fee that will be reasonable. I have not decided on the amount yet but it will be fair.

The key now is to practice, practice practice! Learn to spot and confirm signals. Also, start reading about money management for trading.

Please let me know your comments. Also, feel free to share this with any of your trader friends. After learning this method of trading, you will never need to purchase another trading system again!


Acceptance is the Key to Success


Everybody is always looking for magical ways to find success. For some reason we think that if we look hard enough we will find that magic key.

I am here to tell you that I have found that magic key. It is called acceptance. Once I learned to practice acceptance in my life everything changed. I became peaceful, non judgmental, loving,and I became a success.

I used to thrive on confrontation and the idea of always being right. I thought everyone wanted to be right so if I WAS right you needed to know it for your own good. I believed I was doing you a favor.

Living like that was very stressful. I never really had much peace in my life. I struggled trying to justify to myself the way I was acting was necessary.

Deep down I knew something was not right. I didn’t need this kind of stress in my life. I needed and yearned for peace.

I am not afraid to profess my belief in God and my strong conviction to the Roman Catholic church. It is in reading the teachings of Jesus that my life began to change.

Over and over in the bible Jesus teaches us to come in peace and teach in peace. Most importantly, he teaches us to love.  Loving means loving! It does not mean attacking or lashing out at someone you think is wrong.

Another important revelation for me was that by accepting someone or something does not mean I have to agree with them.

I have a very good woman friend that told me she was gay. In fact, this woman is possibly reading this right now as she and I have many similar interests and support one another. If you are reading this R.M., I say hello! I accept her and I love her as one of God’s children and as my friend.

God tells me I am to love her and being loving and respectful to her. Here is the twist. I believe the teachings of the bible. The bible says that homosexuality is a sin. I also believe it is wrong. I told my friend this. Does this change how I feel about her? It does not. I still believe she is a wonderful person.

Here is the point I am trying to make. Acceptance is very freeing. It does not mean that you have to agree with everything that is in our life. It means we must adhere to the commandment Jesus said was most important to success in life. We must love above all.

People know when you are a loving person. In fact, a loving person does not apologize for his or her beliefs. Acceptance means I must accept that which you believe and love you. It does not mean that I necessarily will agree with you.

Acceptance means I quit fighting; I quit trying to mold everything in my life. I quit trying to control people, places, and things. I put my faith in God and simply love.

Do you want success in life? Practice acceptance!

I am eager to hear comments about this and all my articles.  I encourage your input.




Be Grateful Always


I know most of us have heard this before, at one time or another, in our lives….Where is your gratitude? 

Often we hear this when we are having a difficult time. When we hear those words we will often want to scream something stating that we have nothing to be grateful for!

I am setting this up to make a point. In our world today, people are taught to be the victim. The victim gets attention. He or she will get sympathy when something tragic or awful happens in their life. Some people become addicted to being the victim.

We all know the type. It is the person that is always complaining about something. I know people that can not carry on a single conversation without complaining about something. Let’s face it…..these people are draining!

As I get older and somewhat wiser, I have come to realize that they do not even realize what they are doing. I was having a conversation with one of these people not long ago about this very topic. To my amazement, she agreed with me. She told me how she could not stand being around her mom too long because of the way she complained.

If it is a subconscious behavior, how can we help ourselves? Is there a way out? Am I a chronic complainer? I’m sure as you read this, these questions might very well pop into your mind. In a way it makes me chuckle to think of you contemplating this thought. It also makes me joyful because it is making you really think.

If you are thinking you may be someone that may have this tendency, do not fret. There is an answer. Just be grateful at all times. It really is that simple.

As a Catholic Christian, we say give thanks to God for everything both good and bad. It is not my point to convert you into being a Catholic (though it would be nice!) but to give you some ways to practice gratitude.

No matter what happens in your life, look for something to be grateful for. Let’s say someone very close to you, like a spouse, dies suddenly. Obviously, you are very shocked and very sad. Now you have a choice to make. You can wallow in self pity or you can choose to be grateful.

While you are letting the previous paragraph resonate allow me to tell you why I chose that example. I have known people that have wasted a good deal of their lives in the world of self pity. In doing so they also alienate themselves.  It really is a vicious cycle.

I can remember how hurt and devastated I was when my marriage ended. I did not respond well to pleas from my peers to show some gratitude.

In the example above, we could choose to be grateful for the many wonderful years we had with the suddenly deceased. We could be grateful that wonderful person was a part of our lives.

Think about the people in your life that make a point to show gratitude in the midst of every situation in life. I’ll bet you like being around that person!

As you complete reading this post, ask yourself…..Am I a grateful person?”




The Sales Process


Many times people new to sales to not fully understand the sales process. In fact, most newbies have no clue.

Granted there are different types of sales. If you were a salesperson selling the Ipad when it first came out, there wasn’t much to selling. All you had to do is walk your customer to the checkout line. This is not selling; it is simply order taking.

While I’m on this topic, it brings back memories of 1985 when I was selling replacement windows. This was my second selling job but my first full time sales position.

The sales manager there was a skinny little weasel of a man that smoked like a chimney. All I can remember him saying was Are you a salesman or an order taker?”

A real sales professional knows exactly what he meant. It took me a little while to catch on.

Although some people are more gifted at sales than others, anyone can learn to be a professional and make a good living as a salesperson.

Every single sales organization I ever worked for had or still has a proven sales process which they used to sell there products or services.

It is interesting to note that each of them is very similar.

To give you a clear idea of how a sales process works I am going to go through the process of selling health and dental  plans. I am a professional salesperson for Ameriplan today so I will use their sales process in my example.

The Warm Up: This is the most important step. It is at this point you are attempting to get on common ground. You want your prospect to like you. I usually ask the person about themselves and their business. People love to talk about themselves. I also will tell the prospect how much I love what I do. I often say how much I loving being able offer alternative to people that can not afford traditional health insurance. I’ll usually close the warm up by saying how much I enjoy working with people that love what they do. My last line is often Wouldn’t you agree?

The Fact Find: When fact finding on an Ameriplan presentation, I like to ask a question that puts the odds strongly in my favor.  Who is your current dental coverage with?  This question alone opens the door for all my fact finding. It is especially good at getting people to divulge usual information without me even asking! You see, I know that 90% of all Americans have NO dental coverage! It is amazing how often I hear “dental coverage! We don’t have any kind of coverage!

The Pre-Close (Commitment): If I have done a good job at making a friend and uncovering a need, the next step is to get a commitment. It depends on how fact finding goes but normally I will ask something like “If I can show you a quality benefit plan at an affordable price would you be able to purchase the plan today?”

The Presentation: If you have the commitment, I am now on stage. Here is when I want to to a great presentation about my program. I want him to think it costs much more than it does. I will finish with asking for the order. You must always ask for the order!

Objections: Very rarely do I get objections. The reason is simple. I try and cover all possible objections in the presentation. Here is a simple rule of thumb…. If the same objection keeps coming up, build the objection into your presentation! Then it will never ever be an objection again!

Yes I know there are some legitimate objections. The point to understand is that there are not very many. If you are getting objections keep working on your presentation. The better your presentation is at handling objections beforehand the better.

The Post-Close: This is where you continue with the friend building process. Remember friends buy from friends and refer friends. It is important to spend time with people after you complete the sale.

Please let me know if this article was helpful. Also, if you have topics you would like me to write about please let me know.

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